For the Love of Books

Our Book Shelf 10px canvasCharles Blow’s New York Times column today, Reading Books Is Fundamental, is every book lover’s story. If you are lucky, then you too have a favorite memory of the day you knew your love of books would last a lifetime. My parents were journalists and avid readers. My husband’s parents were educators and rabid readers so in our family, books and the love of books, passed from generation to generation to generation.

Our children knew that their parents might say no to a toy but never to a book and did they ever take advantage. Now that they are buying their own books, they still cannot resist the Siren call of a new volume. In our family, books are the favorite gift to give and to receive. We have long ago run out of space on our book shelves and our Kindles are jam-packed with virtual editions; but the pursuit and the sharing of knowledge and understanding through the written word continues unabated. Thank goodness!

Recently, my husband, Granville, and I started a new relationship with books, we are now authors. Our books make their debut this year – his nonfiction and mine fiction. While not as much fun as reading a good book by the fire, writing has its own satisfaction. If we prove to be as prolific authors as we are readers, this love affair with books may finally be out of control.

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